Course Type: Online E-Learning (Non VR)

This e-learning course has been painstakingly developed to provide a comprehensive introductory curriculum for both shore based and sea-going crew in all aspects of Ballast Water Management.

"The industry's premier ballast water management introductory course..."

This course takes a deep dive into some key ballast water management topics such as the history of ballast water, the problem created by invasive species and the steps taken by regulatory bodies to fight the issue.

In the latter stages of the course, critical and practical operational topics are explored including the compliance solutions and options available, the practical steps required to achieve compliance in day to day operation of the vessel, and the enforcement of the legislation worldwide.

Learning Outcomes:

This introductory to ballast water management course is the perfect solution for anyone with limited knowledge of ballast water management looking to build a thorough understanding of the topic, and gain recognised certification in the process.

  • Build a knowledge of the applicable IMO and USCG legislation and its applicability, timescales and implementation dates

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the compliance options available, as well as the ballast water treatment technologies

  • Gain practical knowledge and understanding of how to actually achieve compliance in practice

Course curriculum

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  • Chris McMenemy

    Managing Director

    Chris McMenemy

    Chris McMenemy is Managing Director of Cleanship Solutions, part of Malin Group.Chris has been involved in ballast water management since 2009 and is considered an industry expert. Much of Chris's expertise is focused on the practical implementation of the IMO BWM Convention and USCG Final Rule requirements to existing vessels - including retrofitting.